Need a Kitchen or House Renovation in Byron Bay? Deal Directly with the Builder When You Choose Elliott Homes

If you’ve been burned by a builder or contractor in the past, it can be difficult to trust someone with your renovation or repair projects in the future. Perhaps you hired a builder for a kitchen renovation in Byron Bay and had communication issues throughout the project, or maybe a contractor came back to you with a renovation quote that was suspiciously high. In any case, if you haven’t had good experiences in the past and are looking for builders in Byron Bay that you can truly trust, we hope you will consider giving us a call at Elliott Homes.

Elliott Homes has been operating for three years. We’ve performed dozens of different projects throughout NSW, ranging from kitchen renovations to home extensions to timber decks. We are also fully licenced and are members of Master Builders QLD. You can trust us to deliver high quality work, regardless of what type of house renovation you have in mind for your Byron Bay home.

A Small Company Stressing Communication and Approachability

Of course, choosing your builders in Byron Bay is about more than just considering experience or licencing. When you hire a builder to carry out a renovation in your home, you want a builder who is approachable, friendly and easy to get in touch with. In many ways, a renovation is a collaborative effort. Your builder will be responsible for the actual renovation work, but your vision for the renovation will be key in determining the direction and design of the project. As such, it’s important to find a builder who is interested in listening to your ideas and working with you to bring your vision to life.

At Elliott Homes, we are a small company owned and operated by a husband and wife duo. We aren’t so big that we are difficult to contact, or so busy that we don’t have time to speak extensively with our clients about their plans. If you hire us for a kitchen renovation in Byron Bay, we believe you deserve our time and attention. If you have an idea about the direction of your renovation project, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We will take note of your ideas and do our best to incorporate them into your project.

The other reason that friendliness and approachability are so important in a builder is that renovations don’t happen overnight. Whoever you hire for your project is going to be working in your house for days or weeks at a time. Hiring someone who you trust and who you are comfortable with can make the difference between an awkward and interminable building process and one that seems to fly by in no time.

Trust Elliott Homes as Your Builders in Byron

If you’ve had a bad experience with builders, contractors or renovation teams in the past, we apologise. However, we can promise that you won’t have a bad experience with Elliott Homes. The next time you are planning a house renovation in Byron Bay, give us a call! You can reach us on 0413 232 558.